4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Shower Drain Unclogged

Knowing how to avoid a clogged shower drain saves you frustration and a call to an emergency plumber in Filmore, CA. If you’re constantly dealing with this irritating problem, maybe you’ll find one of the following suggestions helpful.

Install a Drain Screen

If anyone in your household uses the shower and has long hair, you know a thing or two about nasty hair clogs. The average person loses 60 – 100 hairs a day. Most of those hairs fall from luscious locks while showering. Where does the hair go? Down the drain, of course! Over time, all this hair forms a clot in the pipe and doesn’t let water pass.

An inexpensive way to deal with this problem is to install drain screens over all the shower and bathtub drains in the home. The screen catches hair and stops it from entering the drainage system, resulting in fewer clogs and slow drains. After you shower, empty the drain screen into the trash can and place it back on the drain. Don’t flush the collected hair down the toilet or you’ll end up with a similar problem in your toilets.

Also, consider brushing your hair before you get in the shower. By brushing your hair you remove some of the dead strands. Although you’ll still get strands that fall out in the shower, they won’t be as much.

Use a Shower Caddy

Hair isn’t the only thing that gets into drains and forms clogs. Shower essentials like razor blades and bits of soap get into the pipes too. A shower caddy not only keeps items from falling into the drain but keeps you organized too.

Install an Outdoor Pet Shower

We already pamper our four-legged friends, so why not take the pampering to the next level and install a pet shower. If you’re in the habit of giving your dog a shower in your shower, then you’ve probably noticed an increase in drainage issues. That’s because dogs shed hair like humans. Like human hair, dog hair gets caught in the drains and causes clogs.

While you always have the option to bathe your dog outside or take him to the groomer, many people in Fillmore install outdoor dog showers. It’s the perfect solution after you’ve visited the park or the beach. Let your dog out of the car and lead him straight to the doggy shower to remove sand and dirt. Not only does an outdoor pet shower prevent drain clogs, but it also keeps your home cleaner since less dirt is tracked inside.

Take Advantage of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Preventing clogged drains is always the best step. However, things happen from time to time and clogs pop up no matter how careful you are. If you find yourself in a messy situation with a drain, let us help. At My Fillmore Plumber Hero, we offer quality drain cleaning services in Fillmore for residential and commercial buildings. Call us 24-hours a day to schedule a hydro-jetting service or a drain inspection.

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