Plan for Sewer Line Repair from Tree Root Damage

Sewer line repair in Fillmore, CA by top-rated, local plumbersMost common household plumbing problems originate within the pipes, like mineral scale from hard water or a wad of hair caught in the drain. Tree roots, however, are a notable exception. If your sewer lines or septic system run through an area that supports the growth of trees and bushes, then there’s a risk that the plants will eventually damage the line. Damage or obstruction in the waste disposal system requires professional sewer line repair services from a certified contractor.

Root damage is a common problem for homeowners in suburban areas around Fillmore, which is why My Fillmore Plumber Hero offers a wide range of sewer line repair and maintenance services. Trees actively seek out sources of moisture and nutrients, so they may find their way to your plumbing system even from a significant distance. We’ll use advanced inspection equipment to identify the problem remotely before coming up with an appropriate solution.

Common Symptoms of Tree Root Damage

Once tree roots get inside your sewer lines, they can obstruct the flow of water with noticeable effects throughout the home. A blockage in the main line will impact every drain in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. If you notice that multiple drains in your home are emptying very slowly or not at all, immediately pause your appliances so they don’t drain even more water into a flooded system.

You may also notice a patch of grass in your yard growing much faster and thicker than surrounding turf. While this is a common phenomenon with septic systems, a sudden change could indicate that the sewer line has been compromised.

Hire the Right Plumbers for Your Sewer Line Repair Job

As a local company with decades of experience working with homeowners throughout the Fillmore area, My Fillmore Plumber Hero is always ready and willing to help our clients overcome even the biggest plumbing obstacles. Give us a call to request a no-obligation estimate as well as the types of solutions we can provide. We are also available 24/7 to take emergency calls for those facing a plumbing crisis.

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